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What Readers Are Saying

I absolutely loved this book, it was an easy smooth read and the pictures were wonderful. I can’t wait to read this book to my future children. 

Such a cute book! Great pictures and a sweet story!

I enjoy this book every time I read it. The photos are beautiful. It’s great for reading to children and grandchildren. It has an encouraging message!

“There once lived a lady with hair white as snow

And eyes that sparkled with a cheer-you-up glow.

Cheeks touched with wrinkles, lips red like a cherry.

Everyone called her simply Miss Mary….

In Miss Mary: A Tale of Old County Clare, Miss Mary is busy doing things for other people. But what happens when she's the one who needs a helping hand? A sweet story set in County Clare, Ireland and illustrated with on-location photos, this fictional tale of Miss Mary and her dog Sir Valentine seeks to warm hearts and share truths about giving and receiving.