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September Giveaway - Notebook featuring quotes from Karen Kingsbury

For the September giveaway, the theme is something I'm especially passionate about: life stories. The notebook we are giving away this month features quotes from well-known Christian author Karen Kingsbury, and the quote on the cover says,

Every day of her life

and the years she had yet to live

people would be changed

because of her story.

Her life story.

Karen Kingsbury


I believe that every person's life story matters, and what each person does with their story matters. I believe that there is value in sharing our life stories, in remembering and recollecting and recording at least parts of them because - especially for Christians - these real life stories show us how God has worked and is working, and in the remembering and/or sharing we may even get to see the Lord redeem the broken, marred and ugly parts.

For those of you who have read Miss Mary: A Tale of Old County Clare, you know Miss Mary enjoys both fictional and real-life stories. Of the stories she shares with the children of Old County Clare, some start this way.: "When I was a girl, I remember one day..."

Three of my four biological grandparents are now in heaven. I can't ask them now what life was like when they were kids or about the lessons they learned. But thanks to a project my sister and I got inspired to do years ago, we have books of their stories that we can read. I'm especially grateful for these books because my children can get to know their great-grandparents through them.

And so I hope this little notebook inspires you to remember and recollect and record and to value your life story and the stories of those around you. As an additional gift, we are including our PDF of "31 Days of Stories" for all my newsletter team members to help you record some important parts of your own or someone else's story. Maybe your children can use it to interview their grandparents or an older friend for Grandparents Day (September 11 in the USA and various days around the world) or you can use it to talk with your parents.

To be eligible to win the giveaway, subscribe to the Miss Mary newsletter by 11:59pm CDT on the deadline date (September 30, 2022) and have an address within the United States to which the giveaway items can be mailed. The winner of each item will be randomly selected and notified via email on the day after the deadline date (October 1, 2022). The winner's first name (and possibly last initial) will also be mentioned in the October newsletter. If the winner has not responded to the notification email by 11:59pm CDT on October 15, 2022, a new winner may be randomly selected.

And don't forget to share this opportunity with your friends who might enjoy the Miss Mary newsletter and the giveaway!

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