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June Book Giveaway! What Can You Do, Australia?

Do you know what a quokka is? If not, you should definitely read this book! In What Can You Do, Australia?, readers get to learn about unique animals found in Australia and what they can do. After each amazing fact about what each animal can do, the book asks the reader "What can you do?" At the end, it all comes together as the reader learns something special God made people to do, how He loves us and what Jesus did for us! It's a good book to recommend for June with Father's Day approaching because fathers, grandfathers, uncles, etc., could really have fun reading this book with the children in their lives.

Miss Mary would have this book on her bookshelf because it has engaging illustrations (done by the talented Kate Fallahee who did the book design for Miss Mary: A Tale of Old County Clare), it's a good read-together book and, best of all, it shows the value of people as created specially by God and shares the Gospel.

Want to check out What Can You Do, Australia? by Scott Hardin, MD for yourself? You can at or at the publisher's website

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