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As a girl, Kristen Hardin wrote and wrote and wrote! Then she grew up and got the idea for Miss Mary: A Tale of Old County Clare (maybe while she was vacuuming). Little by little, the idea grew over time. Family and friends shared their time, critiques and encouragement. Kristen and her mom had the opportunity to travel to Ireland where they took photos to be used as tools for illustrations. Those photos became the illustrations themselves! 

Now the hope and prayer to the Lord for Miss Mary: A Tale of Old County Clare is that this sweet little story will be a blessing to you. 


Kristen Hardin enjoys traveling, eating good food and sharing stories about the people she knows and imagines. Born in Guatemala, Kristen now lives with her amazing husband in Wisconsin where she teaches Spanish. Even though she isn’t “old” yet, she knows what it’s like to need help sometimes like Miss Mary, and she’s been blessed by helping others just like the children in the village of Old County Clare.


Kate Fallahee currently works as a freelance graphic designer and children's book illustrator. She has had a passion for drawing since Kindergarten and is always looking for ways to improve. 

She has an Associates Degree in Design & Graphic Technology, and her favorite things to draw are cartoons and expressions.

Kate hopes to one day work in the animation industry as a storyboard artist or character designer.

Check out Kate's work at

Fun Fact: Kristen and Kate met through a Bible study group. 

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